10 Tips for Staying Fit at an All-Inclusive Resort
You're on vacation, after all. Here are some ways to feel good about keeping your fitness goals even when visiting an all-inclusive resort.
Stressed out? Take some time to relax and treat yourself.

Beware of the Buffet

Food is everywhere at an inclusive resort, but beware it may be hard to say no. Binge for a few days, but after that make sure to keep your eye on what you're eating.

Take a Class

Taking a vacation is also an excuse to learn something new. Take a class while you're working out and possibly meet some new friends.

Take Morning Walks

A morning walk will help you work off those buffet calories (remember above?) and get you ready for the day. If you're a runner, you may want to ask the hotel for some recommendations for trails or paths for a nice morning jog.

Bring the Gym With You

If your destination doesn't include access to a gym, make sure to bring one with you. Even some of the simplest equipment can make a difference andresistance bands is a good place to start.

Run on the Beach
Pavement can be hard on the knees, but running on the beach can lessen that. Plus, you'll get the workout of your life as you take in the view.

Drink Water Along With Your Cocktails
Have a glass of water with every alcoholic drink. Alcohol dehydrates the body. When you dehydrate the body, it wants electrolytes, in the form of sodium, which leads to bad food choices like fries.

Ride a Bike
Jump on a bike for both a tour of the area and a nice workout.

Try a New Sport
Want to take up tennis or work on your swimming skill? A resort can be a great place to take up a new hobby or sport, and carry it on with you when you leave. Think of it as souvenir.

Use the Resort Gym
If your fitness routine includes working out at your local gym, you may want to book a resort with a gym. Gyms are so ubiquitous that it is no longer difficult to find a place that includes one. Take the time to research reviews of the workout culture, as well.