Best Gulf Coast Beaches
Beach lovers and families set up camp with myriad towels, chairs and umbrellas, whiling away hours basking in the sun, quietly reading a novel or splashing in the surf.
Several Gulf Coast beaches are available for travelers with promises of sandy white beaches, emerald waters, and nature hikes. Get a feel of our picks for the best Gulf Coast beaches.


The stretch of beach, where Destin lies, has often been termed as "The Emerald Coast." Twelve accessible beach access points can be found along Destin's coastline, where beach lovers and families can set up and while away hours basking in the sun.

Galveston Island State Park

Located off the Texas coast, the port town is famous for being one of the best vacation destinations. Tourists can take dips in the water and enjoy several outdoor activities like bird-watching and fishing.

St. George Island

St. George Island ranks high with many locals when it comes to Florida's best beaches. The island is also a mecca for wildlife with scores of birds, like black skimmers, and other wildlife.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

For those craving a great beach experience, you can hit the sands at Gulf State Park, amid the dunes. The family-friendly beach comes available with built outdoor pavilion with air-conditioned restrooms and showers, as well as, a snack-bar.

West Ship Island

Hurricane Camille previously split the barrier island into East and West Ship Islands, but local authorities have brought forward plans to reconnect the landmasses. Today, tourists can take boat trips to West Ship Island, where they'll spend the day lounging on the shores or exploring historical sites.