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Inspire Traveler - Most Beautiful College Campuses in Each US State
Most Beautiful College Campuses in Each US State
All that said, we are also a country filled with incredible education facilities, and they all have some historical and architectural beauty.
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There is no doubt that there is breathtaking beauty on every continent and the United States is no exception. Think about some of our most treasured national monuments, our historical markers of interest, our national parks, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Ellis Island and an endless list of beautiful and honored locations.

All that said, we are also a country filled with incredible education facilities, and they all have some historical and architectural beauty. Here's a list of the most beautiful campuses in the United States.

50. Alabama: University of Alabama
You don't have to a Georgia peach to recognize the southern charm at the home of the Crimson Tide. Lots of green space, manicured lawns and historic architecture. The President's Mansion displays the Greek Revival as does the Beaus Art museum of natural history. State of the art athletic program and facilities.
49. Alaska: University of Alaska Fairbanks
Alaska doesn't have a huge population and their listing of college campuses isn't large either. This facility is home to a new museum, designed by Joan Soranno (architect), in 2005. With the intent of mimicking the glacier and alpine ridges, the building is made of white aluminum with mountainous hills and valleys.
48. Arizona, University of Arizona
A unique palm tree lined mall and a magnificent view of the Santa Catalina Mountain range is what brought this school to our list.
47. Arkansas, Hendrix College
Ripe with historic locations, this school also offers a gazebo and a varied assortment of trees.
46. California, Pepperdine University
The Oceanside campus looks more like a resort than an educational facility. Bordering the Pacific Coast Highway, needless to say the landscape will leave you breathless.
45. Colorado, University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder is a typical college town (remember Mork and Mindy?) on the floor of the Rock Mountains. The Flatiron rock formations make the campus unusual and the architecture is Tuscan inspired.
44. Connecticut, Yale University
The whole state is so full of beauty, this was a difficult choice. It was the Collegiate Gothic architecture in New Haven is what sealed the deal. Another compelling feature is the Georgian-style library hall of glass-and-pink-marble. Did we mention the expected ivy walls?
43. Delaware, University of Delaware
About an hour from Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD, plus the sandy beaches of Delaware, this campus has incredibly manicured green landscaping set against a backdrop of red brick buildings that will take your breath away. And, it's only a short two-hour drive to New York City.
42. Florida, Flagler College
This school is less than 50 years old and is in the old Ponce de Len Hotel, which was a Spanish Renaissance masterpiece built in 1888 by Standard Oil co-founder, Henry Flagler. It has a second beautiful location in St. Augustine.
41. Georgia, Berry College
The college was the location site for Remember the Titans and Sweet Home Alabama. It is a huge campus of 27,000 acres filled with peaceful streams, rolling hills and meadows that go on forever.
40. Hawaii, University of Hawaii at M?noa
We don't think there are any non-gorgeous places in Hawaii, but this one is very near Waikiki Beach and volcanic views and beautiful rainbows.
39. Idaho, University of Idaho
Inside a setting of trees, one planted by Teddy Roosevelt himself, the campus includes a golf course, great views and beautiful architecture.
38. Illinois, University of Chicago
Northwestern was a very close second in this race, but it was the Gothic campus that hosted the 1893 World Columbian Exposition that won. Today, there are more modern designs on campus as well.
37. Indiana, Indiana University Bloomington
Beating out Notre Dame is no easy feat, but the Sample Gates entryway in the Old Crescent made with Indiana limestone sealed the deal for Indiana University.
36. Iowa, Iowa State University
The swan filled lake and manicured lawns along with the Campanile bell tower and Memorial Union that make this campus so very impressive.
35. Kansas, Kansas State University
Despite several other school sites, Kansas State is not only the oldest public university in the state, but it's also filled with lots of green space, and limestone buildings and over 2,000 beautiful acres make this location the Sunflower state's most beautiful.
34. Kentucky, University of Louisville
Grawemeyer Hall on the Belknap main campus in Olde Louisville is the hot spot on this location with lots of trees, classic red brick and a cast of the famous statue, The Thinker.
33. Louisiana, Tulane University
Tulane's campus palms and oaks traditional to the city make this a place to add to your bucket list, even if you don't plan to attend. Facing the Audubon Park, Majestic Gibson is across St. Charles Avenue, and behind you will find acres of fabulous campus.
32. Maine, College of the Atlantic
Filled with incredible scenery and on an island, no less has buildings reminiscent of a fairytale, each could be its own estate. The Turrets building mirrors a mansion image.
31. Maryland, United States Naval Academy
A perfect place for our Navy men and woman, the academy has a domed chapel along the Severn River and beautiful the Chesapeake Bay.
30. Massachusetts, College of the Holy Cross
With both Fenwick and O'Kane Halls are on the National Register of Historic Places and this stunning college hits on a hill in the city of Worchester. The Bay State has so many colleges that this was a very difficult selection.
29. Michigan, Kalamazoo College
Understated pleasantry are the words describing this campus. And Hodge House, home to the president is the best example.
25. Minnesota, St. Olaf College
Remember Rose on The Golden Girls? Well, St. Olaf was her home and the snows in the city are picturesque. And before the snows we also enjoy fabulous fall foliage. Old Main and Holland Hall are just two of the most beautiful structures.
24. Mississippi, University of Mississippi
The Rebels of Ole Miss stand as tall as the towering oaks on the campus amid the charming blooming spring flowers. When you think of southern charm, think of The Grove, and beautiful Ventress Hall on the Ole Miss campus.
23. Missouri, Washington University
Washington University has hosted both a World's Fair and the Olympic Games on the site we know today as the Danforth Campus. Beautiful gothic architecture and endless green lawns are the perfect setting.
22. Montana, University of Montana
The red-brick clock tower stands silhouetted against Mount Sentinel, on which a giant concrete "M" and is the university's iconic version of the Hollywood Sign. The Oval at the center of campus and a regal valley setting make this a stunning state college campus.
21. Nebraska, Creighton University
Nebraska's Jesuit University won the lovely test because of the architecture. St. John's Parish and the new Harper Center tell of both old and new beauty on this Omaha campus.
20. Nevada, Sierra Nevada College
It may be mistaken for a luxury cabin retreat in the hills above Lake Tahoe. The Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences displays impressive woodwork and masonry, and fits into the Tahoe-area very well. A very unique college campus.
19. New Hampshire, Dartmouth College
President Eisenhower described Dartmouth in 1953: "This is what a college should look like." Perched on a hill above the Connecticut River, slightly across the Vermont border, Dartmouth's architecture and a magnificent quad are two highlights of the campus.
18. New Jersey, Princeton University
Ivy League yields ivy-covered walls, be sure to see Nassau Hall plus the golf course on this north-eastern school site.
17. New Mexico, St. John's Santa Fe
This is a satellite campus of Maryland's St. John's College in Annapolis. Snuggled at the base of Monte Luna, students get a full mountain experience.
16. New York, Colgate University
Although many lovely colleges are in the Empire State, Colgate stands out because of its unspoiled location seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by forests and rolling hills, and traditional collegiate architecture.
15. North Carolina, Wake Forest University
The Demon Deacon campus is pretty inside and out with elegant manicured lawns, patchwork field and campus plazas.
14. North Dakota, University of North Dakota
Both UND and North Dakota State offer the state great beauty, however, it was the English Coulee at UNF that won the state.
13. Oregon, Lewis & Clark
Named for the famed explorers, the campus exemplifies the beauty they surely saw on their expeditions. The undergrad campus is covered with Douglas Firs, rolling hills all tucked away among quiet neighbors in Portland.
12. Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania
This was another tough state to isolate one single gorgeous campus. It's the eclectic architecture, abundant tree population and breathtaking skyline view of Philadelphia that brought us to this winner.
11. Rhode Island, Salve Regina University
Made from the sum of seven Gilded Age estates, on the Newport coastline is what makes Salve Regina the most magnificent grounds in Rhode Island.
10. South Carolina, Furman University
The Asian garden, the regal fountains, the Florentine bell tower, and Georgian architecture and an awesome lakeside location in the Blue Mountains bring the stunning beauty to Furman's campus.
9. South Dakota, Augustana University
A relaxing view of Sioux Falls makes Augustana the state's prettiest campus plus the majestic administration building and the close-cropped quads round out the area.
8. Tennessee, Vanderbilt University
Bishops Commons and Alumni Lawn are just two of the things that allowed Vanderbilt to one up Sewanee in Tennessee. The iconic southern columns at Wyatt Center and the manicured lawns were other contributors.
7. Utah, Utah State
Barely beating out Brigham Young, Utah State against the ever-beautiful mountain background and rolling valley views are what brought this school to the top of the beautiful list.
6. Vermont, Middlebury College
When the autumn golds, reds, and yellows, fall away, the beautiful snow-covered lawns kick in and eventually give way to spring blooms on this incredible campus. Green Mountains and Adirondacks surround the area and there is a quaint New England town just around the corner.
5. Virginia, University of Virginia
Thomas Jefferson and his domed Rotunda design earmark this campus as a sight to see and remember in Virginia, home to the Cavaliers.
4. Washington, University of Washington
Snowcapped mountains and Union Bay beckon students on this campus. The architecture and the springtime blooming cherry blossom trees will knock you out!
3.5 Washington, D.C., Georgetown University
Our nation's capital has no shortage or beautiful spots, so the old brick walls and cloudy grey spires on this campus make it shine over the Potomac River, which lies below. The Hoya's have made this list every year since 1789.
3. West Virginia, West Virginia University
The Mountaineer's campus has several buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, lots of trees and riverside location makes this area a hot spot of beauty.
2. Wisconsin, University of WisconsinMadison
The setting is two clear lakes with a University plopped smack in the middle. The buildings that offer the most character are: Music Hall, Bascom Hall, and Memorial Union.
1. Wyoming, University of Wyoming
This location is as rustic as the entire state with the main building made of sandstone. Evergreens are growing across the grounds, and Prexy's Pasture supports a "wild west" atmosphere.