The 10 Best Things to Do in Atlanta From Travel Channel
Atlanta is far from the sleepy Southern city I moved to in the '90s to attend graduate school.
Atlanta is not the sleepy Southern city from the 90s. What was a place that may not have appealed to big-city people from New York or Los Angeles has turned into quite the diverse and populous area.

The city has a lot of things to offer people, such as United Nations diversity, the Civil Rights movement, great food, hip-hop culture, and an amazing film industry in the South. Not only can tourists visit The World of Coke and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, but there are some other cool destinations to view.

1: The Atlanta BeltLine

While New York has its High Line, the ATL has a nice urban promenade as well. What started as a master thesis from Ryan Gravel (Georgia Tech), has turned into reality. He wanted this site to connect both rich and poor, which became a great place for runners, bikers, and restaurant lovers.

2: Gunshow

Atlanta star chef Kevin Gillespie created the Gunshow, which is like a live cooking show. It's inspired from Asian dim-sum concept, where the restaurant features an open kitchen where diners can take in the entertainment of Kevin and other cooking guests. Take in the unique flavor and cool preparations of these wonderful meals.

3: Whitespace Gallery

Here's an art gallery that brings in a lot of regional and national artists in a unique, local environment. This place run by Susan Bridges, gives a interesting perspective of both local artists and out-of-towners. Not to mention, there are some nice specialty libations, food trucks, and music on the menu.

4: High Museum of Art

Think of the classics of Monet and Picasso mixed in with Vil Muniz and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Kids can see the work of yesteryear to contemporary pieces that have influences from African designs to sneakers. The High has become such a central location and a location to have lunch and dinner in the surrounding area.

5: Polaris

Take a look at this remodeled 1967-circa revolving bar. The Polaris has an amazing view and can be quite relaxing looking at the city while sipping a tasty cocktail. Make the a special outing with your significant other as you both enjoy fine dining in the spot.

6: Atlanta Botanical Garden

A green utopia in heart of the city? Both children and adults will appreciate this beautiful place. From the art exhibits to summertime concerts, this garden will keep you fully entertained.

7: Octane Coffee, Grant Park and Westside

This is a cool little hipster spot that serves some of the best coffee and croissants in the area. Octane Park is a unique place with Hop City, a sprawling art complex theAtlanta Contemporary. Also, checkout The Optimist and the beautifully atmospheric Vietnamese brasserieLe Fat, to making your day outing into an evening affair.

8: Oakland Cemetery

A cemetery? A bit spooky, right? Honestly, Oakland is a refreshing look into the past with beautiful trees and great landscaping. It's an ideal place for different events ranging from Halloween festivals to historic picnics.

9: The Fabulous Fox Theatre

What started out as movie palace in 1929 almost turned into a parking lot, but Atlantans made sure they kept the legacy alive. Recently, this 4,665-seat has not only been great for summer film screenings but hosted musical concerts with the likes of Prince (RIP) and Madonna. Also, you can enjoy this Moorish design in this divine space while taking in the feels of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

10: Buford Highway

While New York, San Francisco, Seattle have their Chinatown, Atlanta has its own cool foodie place. Check out the spectacular 7-mile ribbon of mind-blowing eats. The Buford Highway Farmers Market has stuff all over Asia, Eastern Europe, Germany, Italy and other places around the world. If you need a bit of warm and hearty pho in your life, head to Nam Phuong.