The 16 World Cities with the Most Expensive Commute Costs
With the current trend leaning towards working from home.
With the present day trend leaning in the direction of working from home, you honestly have to reflect on the professional pros and cons of that prospect -- in particular if you live in one of these crazy high-priced cities for commuting.

Several benefits to working from home come to mind: a domestic workplace, quiet space, field, retaining the family at bay, and saving money operating for your pajamas and bunny slippers.

Within the category of saving cash, transportation falls second to housing when living in a bigger metropolis, so that you can save a few greenbacks by way of not having to shuttle to the workplace. Plus, it is less disturbing, better for the environment, and in case you use public transportation, you won't have to buy and own a vehicle.

According to journey site Expatistan, these are the sixteen most high-priced cities for public transportation commutes.

16. San Francisco, United States: $86.10
15. Berlin, Germany: $87.20
14. Frankfurt, Germany: $88.50
13. Stockholm, Sweden: $90.70
12. Wellington, New Zealand: $101.20
11. Chicago, United States; $102.10
10. Toronto, Canada: $102.70
9. Melbourne, Australia: $105.50
8. Zurich, Switzerland: $108.40
7. Sydney, Australia: $108.40
6. Amsterdam, Netherlands: $108.60
5. Tokyo, Japan: $110.70
4. New York City, United States: $117.70
3. Auckland, New Zealand: $122.90
2. Dublin, Ireland: $131.60
1. London, United Kingdom: $174