The World's Best Beaches for Hunting Seashells
One of the best beaches in the Bahamas for shelling is Somerset Creek Beach, on Andros Island, although you'll need to wear sandals or shoes to keep from cutting your feet.
Searching for shells is a real chase. You never know what you're going to find. Shells turn up everywhere throughout the world, but the best shores for discovering them are probably in the U.S.

Calvert Cliffs State Park, Maryland

Shells are just one of many things you'll find at this state park on the Chesapeake Bay. Shaped 10 to 20 million years prior, and once surrounded by water and bluffs, they spill shark teeth and different fossils onto the sandy sea shore.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Surfers come from over the globe to ride the waves in Jeffreys Bay, an unassuming community on South Africa's Eastern Cape. Those waves likewise wash in a rich assortment of shells in all shapes, sizes and hues. Winter is a decent time to hunt for them; you're probably going to discover cowries and Indo Pacific species.

Sanibel Island, Florida

Do the "Sanibel stoop" on this little island west of Fort Myers, Florida. Here you can scan for coquinas, scallops, olives, tulips, conchs and lightning whelks, just like the locals.

Wreck Beach, Lanai, Hawaii

Wreck Beach, on Hawaii's Lanai Island, isn't for swimmers. The solid waves, shallow reefs and crazy twists and turns around the island are deceptive, and, as you'd surmise from its name, this sea shore, otherwise called Kaiolohia, has been the site of numerous wrecks. That said, the waves and currents will leave you with a great collection of shells.

Ocracoke Island, N.C.

Ocracoke Island, at the tip of North Carolina's Outer Banks, is home to more than 400 creatures and other natural life. A drifter's heaven, where conchs, Scotch hoods, shellfishes (the large ones are called quahogs), olives, periwinkles, moon snail shells and sundials are found. Search for three sorts of whelks here: lightning, knobbed and directed.

Galveston Island, Texas

Walk Galveston's Sea Shell Beach Pocket Park throughout the winter, or after a tempest, when the waves store murex, swamp snail shells, shark's eyes, zebra periwinkles, shellfishes and scallops and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The western finish of this 32 mile-long island is generally the best for shelling.

The Bahamas

Perhaps the best sea shore in the Bahamas for shelling is Somerset Creek Beach, on Andros Island, in spite of the fact that you'll have to wear shoes or shoes to shield from cutting your feet. The sea shore is a mile long, studded with coconut trees and a large number of little shells in all shades of a Bahamian dusk.