Some Of America's Favorite Cities for Food: List
Whether you're hankering for crispy French fries, fresh fish, or the perfect slice of pizza, cities all across the United States are proving they can compete with international culinary powerhouses.
Whether you're starving for some fish and chips or hungry for some pizza, there are some great places to eat around the country. Everywhere from New York to New Orleans have some greatepicurean delights, but smaller cities also made the list.

Louisville, Kentucky
"Louisville has some of the best food in the Midwest. It's overlooked by travelers, but it shouldn't be ," said one chef from Kentucky.

Scottsdale, Arizona
Pancakes to fast food to Mexican food. It's all found in Scottsdale, Arizona, say residents.

Portland, Oregon
"Portland is one of the foodie capitals of the West!" readers write.

New York City, New York

How do you classify New York food? Everywhere from Staten Island to Brooklyn has some of the best food found anywhere in the world.Dim sum at Jing Fong in Chinatown is a must, while osyters fromthe Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal are a great quick snack.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago: deep dish and great hot dogs.Chicago also has a thriving restaurant scene that rivals anywhere in the USA, and possibly anywhere in the world. Everything from pizza to Midwest redone, it's found in Chicago.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe remains one of the hidden gems of the USA. With great access to Mexico, New Mexico continues to blow away visitors with some of the best regional food around.

San Francisco, California
Not too much more can be said about the San Francisco food scene. It's got some of the best seafood, tacos, and high-end cuisine in the country.

Buffalo, New York
Check out Anchor Bar, where the Buffalo chicken wing was reportedly born.