Top 10 Castle Vacations in the United States
Think of a castle as elegant, sensual, luxurious, comfy, royal, and oh so cozy!
Instead of being the Phantom of the Opera, how would you feel about being the ghost in the castle? And you don't have to leave the United States to find some great castle bed and breakfast locations along with castle hotels. Massive walls, turrets, moats, and towers are all the qualities we all imagine when we think of a castle. ow, think of a castle as elegant, sensual, luxurious, comfy, royal, and oh so cozy!

Book your rooms, grab your friends, family or that one extra special person in your life, and experience a life of exquisite beauty, sophistication and comfort. These beauties will have you envisioning yourself as the "belle of the ball" once you're inside.

10. Ravenwood Castle

Ravenwood Castle is nestled in the woods of New Plymouth, Ohio and is the perfect destination for a romantic, honeymoon escape or for treating the family to a medieval flair. This location comes complete with Shakespeare's Cottage, Woodcutter's Cottage and Candlemaker's Cottage.

9. Mohican Castle

Another Ohio area is Landoll's Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio offers different packages to make your stay more pleasant and 11 suites.

8. Castle Hotel and Spa

If New York is more your style, visit the Castle Hotel and Spa. It won't feel like the bustle of Manhattan, but you'll be overlooking the Hudson River, less than a two-hour drive from the city.

7. The Inn at Erlowest

Also in New York, The Inn at Erlowest is in the Adirondacks at Lake George, New York. A smaller option, this inn had ten rooms and was built in 1898. They boast of having a "farm to table' restaurant.

6. Oheka Castle

Bragging of European elegance, The Oheka Castle is in New York as well. This location has beautiful gardens and will make an awesome wedding site for two young or old lovers. Or any celebratory events.

5. Arch Cape Inn and Retreat

Across the country to Retreat, Oregon and the Arch Cape Inn and Retreat, which is a quaint chateau on the beautiful northeast coast of the United States. The location is near Cannon Beach, Oregon.

4. Castle Marne

A mansion, Castle Marne in Denver Colorado was built in 1889 by architect William Lang. Mr. Lang was known for being a bit eclectic, so you know his castle creation is a knockout!

3. Castle Post

Our bluegrass state is home to Castle Post in Versailles, Kentucky. And since the state is home to the Kentucky Derby, you'll be surrounded by horse farms and those magnificent creatures.

2. Mission Inn Hotel and Spa

Back out west to the Pacific Coast in Riverside, California, you will find the perfect marriage of royalty and that unique California styling at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa.

1. Norumbega

And to the Northeast corner, in Camden, Maine is home to The Norumbega, which offers 11 rooms along the stress-free Atlantic coastline.