Top 10 Free Things to do in London
As one of the most visited cities in the world, London is a city that is a unique blend of historical and modernity. It is a big city that manages to encapsulate old-world small town charm. Given its popularity, it is also one of the more expensive cities in the world. Luckily, not all activities in London are expensive, in fact, there are hundreds of free activities to do. Here are 10 of some of the top free activities to enjoy in London - it is possible to enjoy this glorious city on a budget.

10. Buckingham Palace

Is it even a London trip if you don't visit the Buckingham Palace? Whilst actually entering the palace costs money, you are welcome to visit the outside and enjoy the changing of guard ceremony at absolutely no cost. The ceremony is a well-choreographed pageantry, whereby new sentries relieve the guards protecting the palace and, of course, the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom.

9. Trafalgar Square

Located in central London, Trafalgar Square is a public square that was named to commemorate the battle of Trafalgar in the Napoleonic wars. The square is a central meeting place and a point of reference for most of London. You can also take the opportunity to take great photos with the stone lions - an iconic part of Trafalgar Square.

8. St Paul's Cathedral

Constructed in the 17th century, St Paul's Cathedral is an English baroque style Anglican church that is perched on London's highest point. The cathedral is absolutely gorgeous and the interior is even more majestic. It does cost money to enter the cathedral as a tourist, but you are welcome to attend the hourly prayer and worship services as part of the congregation.

7. London School of Economics

If you are looking to take a break from the touristy social activities, stop by at LSE and attend a free public lecture. Here you will be able to learn from and interact with some of the greatest minds in social science. It is recommended that you check out the website for information on lectures that are being offered, and lecture times.

6. The Old Bailey

If you are looking for some court action, the Criminal Court of Justice of England and Wales is definitely the place for you - known as the Old Bailey because of its Old Bailey Street location. Here, the court deals with all major criminal cases and trials are open to public viewing. Understandably, there is high-level security, and age restrictions to enter the court, but it is a worthwhile experience - and free entertainment.

5. Angel Comedy Club

If you are a London native then you probably already know about Angel Comedy Club. The club does have certain nights where attendance is free. The club has performances by award-winning comedians who will have you laughing all night. Shows start at 8 pm and the free shows fill up very quickly so early arrival is recommended. You can check the website to see a schedule of the free shows.

4. The Scoop

Located on the south side of the River Thames, the Scoop is an outdoor amphitheater that is devoted to live entertainment. Events vary from theatre, movies, to dance performances. The events are completely free and require no prior booking. Seating is limited so early arrival is strongly recommended. There are events and exhibits on most days, and the event schedule is available on their website.

3. St Martin's in the Fields

If you are looking for something to do at lunchtime, St Martin's may be something to check out. This Anglican church is on the northeast end of Trafalgar Square and has been a concert location for two and a half centuries. You are welcome to enjoy the free lunchtime concerts that invite world-class musicians from all genres and styles. This is a treat for music lovers and those wanting world class entertainment.

2. Victoria and Albert Museum

For those who love everything royal, the V&A museum is a must-go cultural activity for you. Here you will find thousands of years worth of art, and history, as well as collections of royal portraits. There are plenty of sculptures, fashion and tapestries to marvel at this treasure trove. The building itself is also a piece of Victorian architectural magnificence.

1. The Science Museum

For those who are looking for family-friendly activities, the Science Museum is a perfect choice. Open from 10 to 6 pm every day, there are plenty of activities for children and adults alike. You can spend a whole day at the museum, exploring the popular attractions such as the space toilet, seven-toed cat, and the pregnant man. There are also plenty of other programmed activities and the full schedule can be found on the website.