Top 10 Girls Trip Destinations in the US
Whether you are getting together for a bachelorette party, college reunion, or just need to take some time with your best girlfriends, a girls trip is always a fantastic idea. Although you can really go anywhere, there are just some cities that go above and beyond to cater for all your girls' trip needs - whether you are there to relax and lounge, or eat, drink and dance the night away. Here are 10 of some of the best cities and destinations to have your next girls trip.

10. New Orleans
If you watched the movie "Girls Trip", then you probably why this city is on the list. If you are looking to party and eat, this is definitely the city for you. Nola, as it is so affectionately called, is a city filled with history and a lot of fun. There are plenty of live performances and vibrant dance clubs. During the day, there is plenty of shopping to be done. You can also take group cooking classes, where famous Nola chefs teach you how to prepare some of the most delicious foods that Nola has to offer. This is definitely a top destination for bachelorette parties, as well as reunions with your best pals.

9. Honolulu
This is an international getaway without "technically" leaving the country. Honolulu is a popular destination for a reason - it has it all. Nevermind that this commonly a family vacation spot, Honolulu is the perfect getaway for your next girls trip. Among being one of the safest cities in the world, this place is a haven for relaxation. If you stay at one of the resort, you can expect day long pampering, morning yoga, and specially made cocktails available around the clock, There are plenty of activities to enjoy around the city and in the water, of course.

8. Savannah
This city in Georgia is best for the group of girls who want a sophisticated getaway that includes everything. Savannah is a historic city with plenty of sights to visit and cultural daytime activities. For those looking for relaxation, there is a spa district that offers regular specials and group discounts for the full pampering experience. Savannah also has a very active night scene with plenty of bars and clubs to dance the night away. This city will have you wanting to come back for more

7. New York City
The city that never sleeps. That says it all. New York City has absolutely everything that you could ever want and more. If you are looking to party, NYC has every kind of party you can imagine. There is, of course, plenty of shopping and eating in this city as well. If you are looking for cultural activities, there is Broadway, art galleries, museums, and free sightseeing across the city. The city is your oyster. If you want to get the most out of your girls trip, it is recommended to arrive with at least a rough itinerary of everything you would like to achieve. You will not be disappointed.

6. Providence
For the group of girls that are looking for a more low-key girls trip, Rhode Island's capital city is the place for you. The city is rich in art and culture - great if you are looking to spend the day watching performances and visiting galleries. You can also check out some of the local breweries and go on the beer tours where you can taste some of Providence's uniques brews. The food in the city is amazingly delicious and pairs well with all the local brews. Win!

5. San Juan
Food, sun, and sand. This getaway destination is perfect for the group of girls who just need a break. This is an especially fantastic destination for foodies - there is plenty of world class and street cuisine to try. The weather is always beautiful, which makes it a perfect location to meet up with your girls. You can spend your days being pampered in the spas, or explore the city. The choice is yours. There is also an active nightlife if you wish to dance the nights away.

4. Denver
Denver is the girls trip destination for that group that loves to love the outdoors. There are plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. There are also plenty of microbreweries and wine bars to check out whilst you are in the city. This is the place to catch up with minimal interruptions and just enjoy the company of your friends.

3. Los Angeles
If you and your girlfriends are looking to live like A-listers for a weekend, or week, LA is the place to go. There are plenty of world-class spas, hotels, and restaurants to check out and tick off your bucket list. It is normal to bump shoulder with celebrities on your day out, and plenty of perfect picture backdrops for you and your friends. This is definitely one of the more costly destinations to vacation, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Seattle
This is yet another city to visit if you are looking for a cultural and inclusive city. There are plenty of cultural sights to see and take in. The city is very relaxed, urging you to really enjoy your surroundings without having to worry about fitting in. Seattle also boasts a very active and culture-infused inclusive night scene. You can expect to enjoy high-class drag shows, nightclubs, and live performances.

1. Santa Fe
Peace and tranquility are what set this city apart from the rest. Santa Fe is a cultural getaway for those who love the arts. You and your group can spend days enjoying all the artistic offerings, and participate in many of the free art classes and workshops that are offered by various galleries in the city. If you visit in the summer, you are guaranteed to be treated to free concerts throughout the city.