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Inspire Traveler - Top 10 Places to Visit in Australia
Top 10 Places to Visit in Australia
A country, continent, and an island; Australia is a rare jewel that is surrounded by beautiful oceans and Asian-Pacific Islands.
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A country, continent, and an island; Australia is a rare jewel that is surrounded by beautiful oceans and Asian-Pacific Islands. This country is well-known for its amazingly unique wildlife, beautiful weather, and colorful landscapes. With a country so large, it is impossible to decide on what to see and do - there is simply too much. With that said, here are 10 of some of the best places to visit and sights to see in Australia.

10. Sydney Opera House
Oprah has been here. Opera has been here. For most visitors, this is one of Australias most iconic structures. Its unique architecture makes it impossible to miss, and a popular spot for tourists to visit. It is easily accessible from central Sydney, and there is plenty to see and do around the Opera House. You can enjoy a meal at one of the world-class restaurants nearby, and catch an evening show inside the Opera House. You can also check out the nearby attractions. You can also take your time in Sydney to explore the rest of the city including Taronga Zoo, and the Powerhouse Museum.

9. Uluru
Probably Australia's most recognizable landmark, Uluru is a majestic rock that is sacred to the Anangu Aboriginal people. This is considered to be the center of the universe and home of the "Earth Mother". Uluru is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You are able to climb to the top of the rock, however, this is disrespectful to the Aboriginal people. Because of that, it is heavily discouraged to climb this sacred rock. Its beauty is evident and can be enjoyed from the bottom. There are also Aboriginal elders that are more than willing to speak to you and tell you all about the Aboriginal history and significance of Uluru. Near Uluru are plenty of small caves that showcase Aboriginal art that is tens of thousands of years old.

8. Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island is located in South Australia, and the name really says it all, at the same time, doesn't say enough. Kangaroo Island stretches over 300 miles of coastline and is home to Australia's most extensive wildlife. Visitors can expect to see everything from sea lions on the white sandy beaches, to sleepy koalas in the gum trees. The Island has a wealth of natural attractions including national parks and sanctuaries. There are plenty of activities for those who love adventures including quad biking, sand boarding, and plenty of water-based activities, This is somewhere where you would need days to fully explore. There is so much to do for visitors of all ages and interests.

7. Whitsunday Islands
These magnificent island wonders are located off the coast of Queensland and are a popular destination for Australian families. They are in the center of the Great Barrier Reef, and the majority of the 74 islands are uninhabited. Four of the islands welcome visitors and offer plenty of different accommodation options. There are plenty of water-based activities for the family, but also plenty of relaxation options if you are looking to kick back. For those thinking of visiting the Whitsundays, it is recommended to make accommodation plans well ahead of time to secure the best prices.

6. Great Barrier Reef
The reef, although technically a part of the Whitsunday Islands experience, is a sight deserving of their own praise. The reef is one of Australia's many natural gifts and is the world's largest coral reef. You can snorkel and enjoy the vast marine life and the clear waters. You can also view the reef from aircraft and helicopter tours, as well as glass-bottomed boat viewing. This natural wonder of the world is truly breathtaking and a must-visit site on your trip down under.

5. Atherton Tablelands
This is the perfect countryside getaway for those who would like to see something outside of the beach. Just an hour away from Cairns, the Atherton Tablelands offer much to see. You can enjoy the rustic setting of small farms and family-run cafes, as well as the beautiful waterfalls in the area. The best way to explore the Tablelands is to get in the car and drive around to the different hotspots. This is the perfect destination for those looking to do a relaxed getaway road trip.

4. The Twelve Apostles
If you are looking for peace, tranquility, and beautiful photos that could be on the cover of a magazine, this is the place to be. Located in a geographically renowned marine national park, the 12 Apostles are natural standing rocks, reminiscent of the biblical apostles. You can learn more about their history and structure when you visit, but they are a beautiful sight.

3. Bondi Beach
Australia's most iconic tourist beach is waiting for you. They have TV shows about it, celebrities love to frequent it, and it is clean and blue. Bondi is not just a beach trip, it is a true experience, You can lounge around and enjoy the sun, peruse the nearby stores, or join in a game of beach cricket. No matter how you choose to spend your day at Bondi, you are guaranteed a uniquely Australian experience. The beach is patrolled by well-trained lifeguards so you can rest assured that your safety is their priority.

2. Launceston
For those who want to do absolutely everything, Launceston is the perfect destination in Australia. Located in the state/island of Tasmania, Launceston offers mountains for hiking, clear beaches, and small-town charm; perfect for taking it easy whilst enjoying everything that nature has to offer. Launceston is the perfect balance between city life and nature, allowing you to customize your vacation to suit your tastes. There is plenty to see and do, and it is more affordable than other larger Australian cities.

1. Kakadu National Park
If you truly love and live nature, Kakadu National Park is a destination that you must have on your itinerary. Kakadu is an archaeological and ethnological reserve that is bustling with biodiversity. It is located in the Northern Territory and has been inhabited for more than 40,000 years. There are cave paintings and rock carvings from the Aboriginal people and complex ecosystems which provide a habitat for the wide range of rare plants and animals living there.