Top 10 World's Best Island Beaches
When you want to go the beach, you usually also want stunning blue, clean water, white sandy, trash free beaches and a chance to rest and relax.
When you want to go the beach, you usually also want stunning blue, clean water, white sandy, trash free beaches and a chance to rest and relax. So, we did some research to find the most ideal island beaches in the world. Breathtaking, breezy, beautiful, incredible are just a few of the adjectives you'll use when you visit these sites.

Bali, Indonesia

Mountainous volcanos amid forests, coral reefs, beaches, and rice paddies all surrounding sacred treasures like the Uluwatu Temple which sits precariously on the side of a cliff. This is a beautiful place for some self-reflection and meditation and maybe a little yoga. If you want more lively entertainment, Kula has fun bars, and for a resort atmosphere, visit Seminyak, Nusa Dua or Sanur, all nearby towns.

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is well known for gorgeous resorts and beaches, here's a quick list for your consideration:
Bulabog Beach is a great place for water sports. It's on the east coast
White Beach, on the west coast, is surrounded by palm trees, eateries, and bars
Mount Luho is the most awesome spot for incredible views, coral reefs, diverse fish and exploring shipwrecks

Mount Desert Island, Maine

Part of Hancock County, this 108-square mile island is the largest off the Maine coastline and the sixth largest in the connected US.

Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

The sexy South Pacific awaits! Scuba dive in the clear blue lagoon encased by a coral reef, or visit one of the islets on this island, which is home to Mount Olemanu, a dormant volcano. Rest up in the resort's bungalow, hovering over the water.

Exuma, Bahamas

Plan to visit a different island every day of the year! Yes, there are over 365 cays, with the largest, Great Exuma which joins to Little Exuma by a wee bridge. Great Exuma is about 37 miles long.


Home to a Mosque carved from white coral; this tropical paradise offers more than 1,000 coral islands, sugary white beaches, reefs, and lagoons. Mal, the capital city, is the mosque location as well as a fish market, restaurants and shopping.

Kauai, Hawaii

This "Garden Isle," Kauai is home to a tropical rainforest that covers most of the island. Hike trails over the Sleeping Giant mountain range, the Waimea Canyon, and the Nounou. Hollywood loves filming in this utopia.


Exotic, East Africa and this chain of 115 Indian Ocean islands. Beautiful beaches, coral reefs, giant turtles and nature reserves are here to be explored and enjoyed. Mah is the central location for visiting each island and hosts Victoria, the capital city. Morne Seychelles National Park is a mountain rainforest, and if that isn't your bag, visit the beaches at Anse Takamaka and Beau Vallon.

Galpagos Islands, Ecuador

Plopped in the Pacific Ocean, this is the world's best destination for viewing wildlife, we mean animals friends, not the night life! The diversity of plants and animals is due to the island's isolation from the rest of the world. During his 1835 visit, Charles Darwin was inspired to create his theory of evolution.

Palawan, Philippines

The most famous spot is the Bacuit Archipelago, which is a chain of over 40 tiny islands with white beaches, and limestone cliffs. Palawan is also the largest province that many call a "magical place" thanks to its cleanliness and natural beauty.